the magazine

Delight & Be is excited to unleash our first for-print magazine.  

Filled with articles and artwork from women in the Delight community, it's first and foremost a beautiful expression of what the body of Christ can do when it comes together to imitate the Creator by creating something that glorifies Him.  The magazine is perfect for young women of any age.

BDP_8455-Copy 1.jpg

The Cookbook

Currently in the works is a cookbook, created by the Delight & Be culinary intensive women.  These are all young women who have a passion for culinary arts.  

Filled with articles, artwork, recipes, and tips and tricks for the kitchen, the cookbook will be something that you want to keep in your home for years and years to come.


how to pray

A free downloadable 7 day guide that can be used every week as a template for discovering a new depth in your prayer life.