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Are you a gifted writer with a heart for sharing Christ with young girls? Do you have advice, encouragement, personal testimony, or tutorial you'd like to share?
We are now accepting submissions from authors and artists all over the world, and we'd love to feature your work provided the content adheres to our guidelines. 

Delight is a community of young Christian women who strive to glorify our Heavenly Father through the creative arts and Biblical lifestyles. Therefore, all submissions will be reviewed and approved by our team of leaders to ensure that the content is in line with our core values, and that it edifies, enriches, and encourages our readers to thrive in their walk with Christ. You can read our full statement of faith below.

Examples of topics we're looking for include: encouragement, godly relationships, personal struggles and what the Scriptures say about them, creative entrepreneur advice, glorifying God with our businesses, and tutorials on our six intensive groups: photography, graphic arts, fashion and design, culinary arts, worship, and writing.

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