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6 Bits of Advice For The Creative Heart

Eight years ago, I changed the course of my life and decided to pursue a creative path. It was beating on my heart for so long but I had barely listened to it. Then, after a season of questioning and wrestling, I started hearing the voice inside – the voice that wanted to create.

I didn’t know what I was doing, but after getting to this point (the point of taking a leap), I just started taking one step at a time. I didn’t even know if it would be successful. But all I knew was something in my heart wanted to be free – and this was the path I had to walk on. So I did. One step at a time.

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Tips + Tricks On How To Start Your Photography Business

Whether you have been photographing family and friends for years or you just picked up a camera last week, deciding to pursue a photography business is an exciting step! As fun as it can be, you might feel stuck on where to start and how to grow as quickly as you can so you can become a professional. I definitely remember when I first stepped into the world of photography and how far behind I felt in pretty much every way. But I started researching and practicing and now I have my heart in my photography and wedding coordinating business called Expedition Joy! I’d love to share about my journey in hopes that this could help you get your business launched!

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10 Tips To Loving Your Clients Well

Today’s business world is a cycle of marketing for clients, serving clients for monetary recompense, and then marketing for more clients.  Everyone says more is better and we often measure success by how many new clients are flocking to a certain business owner.  In lieu of income, running a business is more about constantly gaining new clients then pouring everything into your current and past clients. But is that really true?

When I stepped into the world of photography a couple of years ago, I was pouring all of my effort into gaining new clients instead of fiercely loving and serving the ones I already had.  I mean, I tried to be gracious and kind and helpful, but I didn’t really understand how to simultaneously pour everything into my current clients and yet grow my business and gain more customers … that is, until this year. . . 

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How to Shoot in Kelvin White Balance | Tutorial

We're excited to bring to you this super simple and straight-forward tutorial from our very own Delight girl, Ariella Langley. She's going to show us how to shoot with Kelvin temperature. Bonus: Scroll down to watch her step by step video!

Shooting in Kelvin White Balance is pretty amazing, guys! I can’t wait to show you how I do it so you can start trying it out yourself! Just like anything else - shooting in Manual, back button focusing or any other awesome thing you learn in photography - it will take a few tries to get used to. But as you will see, once you do, it’s so quick and so worth it!

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Using a Prism to Make Creative Images

Hey girls, Shilo here! Today I get to show you how I use a prism to make my images stand out. It’s super easy, and it’ll only take a few minutes to master!If you have any questions, visit my site at the links below and send me a message! Anywho, here we go….

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4 Steps to Get Published on the Blog of Your Dreams

I want you to get published. I’m just going to go ahead and get that out there right now! I’m for you and I’m on your team. Do you want to know what I’m doing right now? Cheering you on!If you have ever had a shoot turned down from a blog or magazine you love, know you’re not alone. Are you afraid your favorite wedding of all time will never get published? I have been there. If you find yourself disheartened about getting published, here’s a hug for you. I also want you to go read these 10 myths about getting published because your work matters, and I don’t want you to lose heart while trying to get published! Afterall, it might just lead to booking more shoots this year.

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Fall Inspired, Stylized Bridal Tutorial

My name is Katie and I’m a natural light, portrait and wedding photographer based outside of Los Angeles. I recently photographed a stylized bridal session with my best friend who did an amazing job at modeling these two bridal vintage lace gowns!I’m going to take you through a short process of how this shoot went from beginning to end.

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Food Photography Tutorial: How to Take Moody Food Photos

Hey ladies! It's Kaylie from I am a 20 year old recipe developer, food stylist, and photographer based out of the Pacific Northwest. I love to celebrate life through beautiful food, a camera in hand, and sharing this passion for beautiful, whole foods with others.

Today I am going to be sharing how to create stunningly moody food photos with depth and feel! To do this, the only extra tools you will need is a black foam core board or a black foam chalkboard. This easy tutorial will have you on your way to creating stellar images in no time! Stay tuned. :)

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