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Serving God When You Don't Believe

I still basically struggle to believe in God on a daily basis. There is a good chunk of me that is caught in the lie that says I’m crazy to believe in God, Heaven, sin, and eternity despite all the evidence. This makes treasuring God really hard sometimes. As an author once wrote of the Devil, “... so he not only speaks what is false. He hides what is true. He keeps us from seeing the treasure of the gospel. He lets us see facts, even proofs, but not preciousness.”

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Drawing Near To The Heart of God

I had almost missed it. Almost missed the beat of His heart. But there it was, on the page, jumping out from the black-and-white squares with faces in each one. We sat in a circle, praying for each high school student in the yearbook. Praying for them, their daily lives, what they encounter in the halls of the school. Praying that ultimately, God would reveal Himself to them.

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When You Find Your Why, You Find Your Way

What does serving mean to you? Is serving doing things in the limelight so people notice you? Or is it doing the little things that you may never get recognition from? Do you clean the bathroom just when people are around to notice? Or do you change the toilet paper in the stall while no one can see you? I believe having the heart of serving is more than just serving other people. It is living in an obedience of service. Before we tackle what serving means to us, I believe we should tackle who we are serving for. The Bible says that we shouldn’t serve two masters.

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Serving From a Thankful [He]art

It is no coincidence that this theme has landed on the month of November. A month that is focused on giving thanks and generosity to those around us.

In order for us to understand a true and pure heart of service we must look to none other than the cross. You see the greatest example of a serving heart that this world will ever know, was done from a heart of sacrifice.

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Surrender Comes From a Heart of Sacrifice

I have been there. I have been on my knees, pleading for God to take it all away. I have been in the car, radio turned off and tears streaming down my face. I have been laying in my bed, fighting to fall asleep and unable to breathe the heavy weight off my chest. I have been walking down the sidewalk, looking around and silently wondering where God is. We have all been there. We have all wondered at one time or another why surrender is so hard, difficult, and emotional. We have all thought about the freedom on the other side, but fell short because we did not know how to get there. Maybe we didn’t even want to get there. We are comfortable in our fear and restoration is a far away dream.

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Letting Go Into Free Fall

Every year, I notice the way the leaves fall from the trees. Falling, falling, falling – with a gentle grace. I watch them as they glisten in the auburn sun. They appear almost buoyant, carried by the wind. The way they seem to surrender to the earth – without care – it reminds me of a grace I wish my heart held more of the time.

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Don't Play Tug-Of-War

Thinking back, I never liked surrendering... because in a sense, I thought it was like giving up. But once I truly met Jesus, I realized surrendering was actually allowing me to get closer to Him. Surrendering is coming to a point where you say, “Jesus, I can’t and I won’t do this if You’re not in it. You are the only thing I want/need, and I am choosing You.”

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Hearing Clearly Amid The Noise

Have you ever been in a situation where you just didn’t know where to turn for an answer or comfort?  Have you ever been in this situation and in some form had this verse thrown at you? So you close yourself in your room to attempt this “simple” solution to your problem. You sit down and begin to try and quiet yourself… The laundry needs to be done. "Shhh! I’m trying to be still!"

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The Art of Listening

t seems like not so long ago the snow was falling heavy. Blanketing the earth under heaviness, I took a walk in nature just to hear from God. I needed His voice. I needed relief from a season that was starting to feel heavy. All I wanted was spring, something new around the corner. 

But what I really needed was not a new season – it is never about the season. What I needed was God.

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When Radio Silence Brings Big Breakthroughs

Having the HE[art] of listening is more than just being able to listen when you’re friends come to you in a time of need. It’s realizing that if you’ve prayed for a bunch of things to be done, you’ve gotta get with God in a distraction free zone and allow Him to reply to you.

I always thought “God just doesn’t speak to me..” but then I realized I hadn’t been quiet enough for Him to get one word across.

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Rejoicing Regardless

Have you ever met those people who are just joyful? Nothing good has happened recently, no promotion, no achievements, and yet they’re still joyful. How much better would things be if we stopped looking at the severity of our situations like they’re the end of the world? What would it look like if we chose to be joyful no matter the circumstance? Instead of looking at a glass half empty, we look at if half full. This may seem super ridiculous, but I believe that we can be a generation that changes the trajectory of how our world is going. You always hear everyone say “choose joy.” It’s on shirts, coffee mugs, and journals, but what does choosing joy actually look like?

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The formula for a life full of joy

Ever wondered why some people just seem to have IT? That overflowing joy that carries them through the hardest of time? 

If you look to the word of God, you can find a lot of really great passages on rejoicing and joy and praising God. One of my favorites is this one below, because I believe God reveals a formula for life full of joy that everyone can and should live by.

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Why Guard Your Heart? | A [HE]art of Purity

If you break down the word heart in this verse, it's representing desires and affections. I believe that a person who is pure in heart is one who desires the things that Jesus desires and does things for Him not for what He can do in return, but for who He is. Where are your motives? Do my desires line up with His? Am I operating out of a heart that is striving to become like Him?  Why do you think God says above all, guard your heart? Because everything you do flows from it.

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What is worship?

I was driving down the road a couple of weeks ago listening to podcasts, and I heard this phrase:  you become what you worship.

I felt the words sink deep into my chest, thick with conviction. I understood it before he even continued on. What was I spending the most time thinking about? What choices was I making every day that were cutting God out of my life? And when I panicked, who was I turning to first?

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