A Year in Review, and How You Can Be Apart of 2017!

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Happy New Year!

I just wanted to share an update, look at a year in review of the beautiful things God did in 2016, and let you know all of our needs going forward in the year! I am SO grateful for Delight and the incredible blessing each and every one of you are!

In December of 2014 and 2015, we spent time doing a fundraising campaign called “Days of Delight." This year, I just knew that after the year that we had, I personally needed to take the month to focus on family and not think about the financial side of running a non-profit. But as new year begins, the reality is that we have bills to pay! The last two years we raised over $10,000 to help cover costs. When it came time to pay the $3700+ non-profit insurance bill, it was such a blessing to know it was already covered!

Today, I opened up my email to see a $1500 donation and almost cried. It came from one of our leaders who already volunteers so much time. So, we are $1500 closer to our goals. Praise Jesus!

2016 In Review

In January, we hosted “The Art of Photography" Workshop February, “Cultivating the Heart of a Wife” for newlyweds and engaged July, “Be Still” and the “Advanced Photography” Workshop

We hosted two large retreats in 2016. In April, it was held in Leavenworth, WA. And in October, we gathered in Tennessee for our largest retreat yet. It was incredible! We have also continued our weekly girls group every Wednesday night as well as our local women’s group on Saturday mornings. We had so many young ladies walk through that door this year from across the nation and locally. I am continually blown away by girls saying, “I feel safe here.” It’s truly a safe place of community for these young women. A place full of peace because you can truly feel the Holy Spirit’s presence when you walk through the door.

My heart aches because of the things these young women are faced with. We’ve dealt with porn addictions, self-harm, eating disorders, suicide prevention, depression, anxiety, abuse, etc. We’ve also shared joys and seeing victories over these addictions & difficult things they are struggling with. The more that I am with these precious young women, the more I am convinced that they are in desperate need of a listening ear, and time from women who genuinely care. The Delight House provides a safe place for these young women. I truly am so grateful, humbled and honored to be part of what God is doing through the Delight House and Delight & Be.

I just want to share with you a little more about our financial side of Delight & Be. It is personally the most difficult part of being in charge of a ministry, but it is necessary in order to allow us to flourish.

Would you pray about coming alongside us and committing to helping Delight in 2017?

We have an opportunity where you can easily join us! It is called Project 80/25. We figured out that if we have 80 people donate $25 a month (or a $300 one time yearly donation), it will cover ALL the expenses for the Delight House as well as the non-profit insurance, etc. Because we already are blessed to have 28 Project 80/25 team members, we are currently up to $700 a month which has helped significantly. However, we still need FIFTY-TWO more people! Will you join me in praying about becoming one of the other needed team members? Our family has been personally covering the deficit the past years, and unfortunately cannot continue. We really need your help!

Here are our approximate monthly expenses for the Delight House: Rent: $1000 Internet: $35 Electrical: $130 Property Tax: $110 Non-profit insurance: $308 Supplies (meals, paper towels, toilet paper, etc.) $120 Misc (Online services / Monthly fees / printer ribbon, etc. ) $225

In total, we need $1928 per month - which is $23,136.00 a year!

Goals for 2017

Our hope for 2017 is to finally complete the basement (aka “prayer room”), build a porch, and do needed landscaping. We also need to insulate the attic and basement (so pipes don’t freeze) and have small repairs done as well such as tile work, etc. My dream had been to have this all completed in 2016. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. The one project we were able to accomplish this year was a privacy fence which has been wonderful addition!

My big dream this upcoming year is for every girl who attends a workshop at the Delight House attend completely on scholarship money. Should you choose to donate, there is a section on donation page where you can specify if you want the money to be put towards the Delight House or the Scholarship fund!

I am personally putting in 40+ hours a week, and our board members, Katie and Brandy, are investing time daily. We have others volunteers working behind-the-scenes on social media, on our magazine, in our online groups, etc.! We have almost 1,000 young women from across the nation in our online group. This takes a lot of intentionality and prayer!

It is all accomplished through volunteer efforts because we all love and believe in these young women and have a passion and desire to see them thrive.


Lastly, I want to thank all of you who did donate in 2016! Thank you to those of you who helped fund a girl to come to a retreat or workshop, thank you to our Project 80/25 members, and thank you to those of you who did a yearly one-time donation in 2016! You may not realize it in the moment of giving, but your financial support and faithful prayer has not only changed lives, but saved some. It has been absolutely staggering to see God move. There have been moments of doubt, but He has always provided, sometimes with donations coming in just hours before a bill is due. It has been such a faith-building experience for me personally.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

If you ever have any questions at all, please feel free to email me at delightandbe@gmail.com.

With a grateful heart,

Kristin Wall

Delight & Be, Founder www.delightandbe.com


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