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What a Toothache Taught Me About Worship

I just saw Ann Voskamp” was not the first thing I thought I would hear after getting through the LGA airport security. I scanned my friend’s face as I would a map for some specific direction on our search for Ann, but we were dumbfounded. In one excited breath, Bethany described the sight of Ann’s adopted baby, and her slight remorse of not having the courage to introduce herself while she could have. I remembered the book inside my guitar bag was “The Broken Way,” and it was no coincidence that what I chose to read on my way to the Delight Retreat was written by the same woman that stood barefoot with Bethany, waiting for the very same normal and mundane airport frisk.

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The Gilmore Girls Did Not Prepare Me for Marriage

Fall in love with someone who doesn’t make you think love is hard. -Anonymous

I was perusing the interwebs the other day and I came across this quote on Pinterest.

From a quick glance and move on perspective many people may not realize how this type of thinking could play out in their own relationships. Some may think “Yes! This is exactly what I am looking for ,or “If only a man out there like this existed…”

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