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Be The Girl Who Speaks Life | By: Janell Wood

This past autumn, I went to a one-day writing conference. It had been a couple months since I had started getting serious about my writing journey and to be honest, I felt a little lost in the process. While taking down notes, I silently prayed God would direct me through someone’s words. A few hours later, I was standing in line buying some books, and a woman stopped me.

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Episode 4: Be The Girl Who Speaks Life

This can definitely be hard at times. Speaking life is not just something that is “good”, but necessary as followers of Christ. The tongue has the power to speak life and to speak death. On this episode we talk about how this has effected our own lives, what The Bible says, and encouraging you all in your own walks!

We hope this episode encourages you to speak life with everything that you have, and let Jesus speak life into your heart and mind as you carry this out in love.

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