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Navigating The Season Of "Not Yet"

I let the tears come. I woke up that morning after weeks spent, not numbing my heart, but distracting my heart.  It’s good to be present to your season, but sometimes that being present also means being present to your pain. It’s always the in between spaces that are the hardest.  The Not-Yet season.  The season in between what has been promised to us and where we are now.  Harder than the in between space itself is navigating all the vast interior landscape within it.    

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Why Singleness is Worth Embracing

We are all given a story to share, challenges to overcome, and a purpose to pursue; all thanks to our Heavenly Father. Over the last couple of years, I have felt as though God has laid something within my heart that is meant to be shared for a deeper purpose, for myself to recognize and for others who may relate. The season of single young adulthood.

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