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Recapping the [Be] Intentional Workshop | Carina's Story

If I were to describe the Delight & Be Intentional workshop in one word, it would be encouragement. As soon as the workshop was announced, I knew I had to go. I had been wanting to attend a workshop for quite a while, but the previous ones didn’t feel quite right. God tugged on my heart for this one though, and I signed up.

Coming into the workshop, I was nervous and uncertain. I wasn’t sure if I would connect with the other girls attending, and I was uncertain about what exactly I was getting into. Last October, I attended a Delight Retreat in Tennessee (and it was amazing!)  but everyone there agreed that workshops in Washington were a completely different experience. Well I’m happy to report: they were 100% right.

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4 Takeaways From the [Be Disciplined] Workshop

Last week I traveled 1,929.4 mi from the craziness of the Chicagoland area to the quiet peace of Pateros, WA. As I was on my second flight on my way there, I thought about the word “Discipline”. Not from a perspective of teaching it, but truly thinking about discipline in my own life, and I immediately had a knot in my stomach. Discipline is so hard! We are constantly on the go from one place to the next, and life is just whizzing by before our eyes. This summer's Delight & Be Disciplined workshop had me leave back on my flight back home with so much conviction, and filled up with the hunger of going after discipline in my own life.

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How a Delight Retreat Taught Me to Say Yes to God (Pt 1)

Since joining the Delight community in 2013, checking into the Facebook group has become just as much a part of my daily routine as brushing my teeth! Even though I hadn’t met any of these girls personally, we were connected by our desire to follow Christ and our common creative interests and similar day-to-day lives. In fact, it was by interacting with these passionate, talented girls that my own dreams of pursuing photography grew and blossomed. But more importantly, to see girls my own age and even younger let down their guard and be open and real about their lives, fears, hopes, and struggles was like a breath of fresh air to the girl who always sought and yearned for deeper, more meaningful connections with people. Prayer requests, hilarious threads, and testimonial videos flew around on a daily basis, and pretty soon I was checking into Facebook for Delight more than anything else!

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Raising Funds with Our Brand New Delight Sessions!

Last week, as 50+ women came together at the East Coast Delight Retreat, we witnessed something incredible. Girls struggling with self-image, identity, confidence, and career direction poured out their hearts and hurts in a community where the power and healing of Jesus permeated.

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