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How To: Step Up Your Phone Photography Game

Whether you’re wanting to capture travel memories or just cute pictures of everyday life, learning some tips to improve your pictures can be super beneficial! With a DSLR camera, it takes a minute to take it out of it’s bag, adjust the settings and then take the shot. Sometimes it’s just easier to grab your smartphone from your back pocket and quickly snap a picture. Here are some tips to better your mobile photography.

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the Magazine | a peak inside & behind the scenes

What you are seeing in these beautiful images are a dream come true for me! Delight & Be started as what I thought was to be a one-time photography retreat in the foothills of the North Cascades Mountains. That was five years ago... On a wintery day in January of 2016, I had just picked up leaders who had flown in to lead a photography workshop at the Delight House. Stephanie Nunley was sitting next to me in the passenger seat & I said “Yeah, it is crazy, but I have this dream of having a magazine for Delight someday!”

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4 Steps to Get Published on the Blog of Your Dreams

I want you to get published. I’m just going to go ahead and get that out there right now! I’m for you and I’m on your team. Do you want to know what I’m doing right now? Cheering you on!If you have ever had a shoot turned down from a blog or magazine you love, know you’re not alone. Are you afraid your favorite wedding of all time will never get published? I have been there. If you find yourself disheartened about getting published, here’s a hug for you. I also want you to go read these 10 myths about getting published because your work matters, and I don’t want you to lose heart while trying to get published! Afterall, it might just lead to booking more shoots this year.

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