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Tips + Tricks On How To Start Your Photography Business

Whether you have been photographing family and friends for years or you just picked up a camera last week, deciding to pursue a photography business is an exciting step! As fun as it can be, you might feel stuck on where to start and how to grow as quickly as you can so you can become a professional. I definitely remember when I first stepped into the world of photography and how far behind I felt in pretty much every way. But I started researching and practicing and now I have my heart in my photography and wedding coordinating business called Expedition Joy! I’d love to share about my journey in hopes that this could help you get your business launched!

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Food Photography Tutorial: How to Take Moody Food Photos

Hey ladies! It's Kaylie from I am a 20 year old recipe developer, food stylist, and photographer based out of the Pacific Northwest. I love to celebrate life through beautiful food, a camera in hand, and sharing this passion for beautiful, whole foods with others.

Today I am going to be sharing how to create stunningly moody food photos with depth and feel! To do this, the only extra tools you will need is a black foam core board or a black foam chalkboard. This easy tutorial will have you on your way to creating stellar images in no time! Stay tuned. :)

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