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An Introduction to Bullet Journaling

If you’re anything like me, you’re an organizer. When I cross off all the tasks on my to-do list, I feel like I could practically rule the world. My personal problem was finding a planner that was customizable and suited all my organizational needs. I have tried over 10 different planners with no luck! So, my mission was clear: find a way to combine a planner, to-do list, journal, and normal notebook into one. I couldn’t find anything I was happy with until I came across bullet journaling.

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Adulting 101: Figuring Out This Homemaking Thing

Are you struggling with figuring out the responsibilities of homemaking, and how to put it into practice as a young, growing woman? Is homemaking all about sweeping and cooking, or is there a greater purpose? For week 3 of our Adulting 101 series, Melanie digs deeper into this important role God has for us, and how you can start putting it into practice right now.

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