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The Way, The Truth, and The Life | Bridgette Rose

Everyone has a truth they live by. Some live by the saying “judge not”. Others live by being a “generally good person”. Some are environmentalists, and some humanitarians. Some live for their work and seek to be “true to their craft”. Some strive to be knowledgeable in all things - to pursue degrees in philosophy or literature; and others are in a fight for social justice aiming to portray tolerance and acceptance for all.

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Episode 3: Be The Girl Who Holds Fast To Truth

Welcome to the THIRD episode of the Be The Girl Podcast. This week we are focusing on living a life that holds dearly to the truth that God and His word gives us.

This can be a difficult task you know? We are constantly bombarded with what our culture and world around us tells us on a daily basis, we are impacted by our own fears and anxieties, and we have an enemy who loves to distort truth to discourage the believer going after Christ.

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The Search for True Joy

It’s something everyone is longing for, craving, desperately searching for, and can’t live without.

Joy. “We have it over here!” The world cries in our ears, loud enough to deafen even our own thoughts and ideas. We see the smiles and hear the laughter and tell ourselves, “This is what I’ve been looking for.” This must be joy. So we join in, slowly at first, but soon enough we’re diving head first into a life that we’ve been told will bring us joy.

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When You Feel Abandoned by God

There is a reason why I don’t talk about God very much when I talk about mental illness. I think it’s because I’ve felt its sting myself. On hard days—days where panic rose in surges like a loose wire inside my chest, where I felt as though something inside my head had caved in and all the lights had gone out—I would try to express this struggle, try to ask for help.My well-meaning fellow believers would not quite understand what it felt like to spend my days holding darkness at bay so that I could get dressed, do my work, go out in public and smile and make meaningless conversation. Often they would hear this side of me, a side they could not quite connect with, the healthy-looking girl in front of them, and they would try to heal an unfamiliar ache with something familiar to them...

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