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Adulting 101: 5 Steps to Your Goal-Getting Wardrobe

We live in a society that makes snap judgements based on first impressions. Sad, but true. As a result, it’s imperative that the snap judgement people might make about you is a good one. Even beyond your awesome personality, kind smile, fun talent, and gorgeous heart, people will first and foremost see your outfit! How could they not - it’s right there! And with great adulting comes great responsibility - specifically in your wardrobe. *wink wink*

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The Ultimate Guide to Fall Outfits

Yay for the beginning of fall! There is truly no season as glorious. You can’t go wrong with sipping apple cider and curling up in a blanket with wool socks. Mhmm. That’s what I’m doing right now as I watch The Voice. Except it’s tea. And I don’t have wool socks. So basically that’s not what I’m doing right now.

But, either way, curl up with your blanket and apple cider because I’m about to bring you the lengthy ULTIMATE GUIDE TO 26 FALL OUTFITS!

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