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The Be Understood Workshop

Driving to the airport on the day of the Delight & Be Understood workshop, I had a lot going on at home and I struggled with doubts about going. Even so, I had peace that God had led me to sign up for the workshop months ago and that there was purpose in the timing of the trip, so I flew out to a little Washington airport on a Friday morning. Meeting up with the other attendees in the airport felt like a reunion, even though we hadn’t met aside from brief Facebook conversations.

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2018 Workshops at the Delight House are HERE!

THEY'RE ALL HERE! We're so excited to announce all SIX of our 2018 workshops at the Delight House! We like to refer to these workshops as the heartbeat of Delight because they really encapsulate what Delight is all about- community, discipleship, and creativity. Every single workshop in the line up has incredible women of God and creatives who are flying in from around the country to the little Delight House, tucked into the mountains and surrounded by cherry trees in Central Washington. 

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