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How a Delight Retreat Taught Me to Say Yes to God (pt 2)

The Delight Retreat was one adventure! From going with my local friend and fellow Delight girl Bridgette and meeting Ann Voskamp in the security line on the way at the airport (newsflash: my “Big Sister” Kerri was the one who first introduced me to one of my favorite books “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp! God has perfect timing AND a sense of humor!), to staying that first night in Nashville with the sweetest young married couple Elisabeth and Jon, God’s hands were all over this! Everyone I talked to that first day said the same thing:

“This is surreal!”

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Freedom From Addiction: Personal Testimony

I have been trapped by it for 8 years of my life, and if I'm going to be completely honest here, it’s been a real struggle. I mean, of course it is, every sin is. But for me, it’s really, really hard. There have been moments when my youth pastor asked the question, "What is your biggest sin?" and the word porn pops into my head without a second thought. There are moments when I doubt God is working in my life to help me overcome it. Moments when I just want to scream out and tell the whole world. Which I guess is what I am doing now...

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Meet Bekah: Photographer + Delight Girl


My name is Bekah Wriedt and my business name is Bekah Wriedt Photography.


I am a college freshman studying Interior Design at Anderson University in South Carolina. I love to take on new adventures, have deep talks, and eat avocados. Jesus Christ is my life, and I pray for grace to trust him more. His grace is so abounding, and I am basking in his goodness.

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Meet Colleen: Writer + Delight Girl

We're featuring another beautiful Delight Girl today, this time from our talented Writing group! We owe a huge thank you to her for all her help behind the scenes with our blog, too. Make sure you say hello to her in the comments, and read some of her latest work in the links below.

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