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5 Songs to Add to Your Christmas Playlist

I don't know about you, but wow, this Christmas season has been going by so fast. I keep finding myself lost in the activity instead of being lost in the wonder of what we're celebrating. To just stop and remember: "He became flesh and made his dwelling among us." To quiet my heart and remember how low He stepped to give us a living hope. To move aside the busy, the excessive- return to the simplicity. the King has come. Repeat the sounding joy. the Savior reigns. 

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Delight Advent Week 3 | Joy Has Come

This is the third week of Advent. (already!?) This year threw me off a little bit, since Christmas is on a Sunday this year and Advent began earlier. This week, our focus is joy. Broken and marred by sin, this world was and is in desperate need of our perfect King to come. We marvel at the incredible gift that God would send His Son into this world. Last week, we focused on preparing our hearts for His coming. And this week, we marvel with joy and great expectant hope that He is coming despite our sin. Despite our brokenness. And despite our failures. Even though we live in a world filled with sorrow and pain, we are comforted that our coming King comes despite those things.

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