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Count it Joy and Rejoice

We are able to rejoice always when we hold a deep confidence that our God is sovereign and that our lives are in his loving hands COMPLETELY. It is from this deep trust in who God is, that is only developed by meditating on his word daily and spending time in his presence, can we rejoice always. Joy in the Lord is not superficial happiness based on circumstances, but steady and certain, because the faithfulness, love, and grace of God never change. 

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3 Powerful Reasons to Be Content in Singleness

My sisters always joked I was going to be an old maid by the time I found a man that met my standards. Sometimes, I believed them, and wondered if I was going to be single forever. What kept me going was a sense that God knew best and that worrying wasn’t going to get me far. It turns out learning to be content in singleness was the best thing I could have done.

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