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The Heart Behind Your Art

We talk about our hearts a lot.

With good reason, sure. We want to know what the heart behind an agenda is. We want to know what motivates and drives each other. It's another way of asking WHY. What is your why? Why are you doing that job? Why do you love creative ventures? Why aren't you more like me? Why is she like that?

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Creators for the Creator

If you sing, dance, do photography, graphic design, or culinary arts, you are automatically a creator! However, as women of God we are called to be different than other creators in today’s society. We are called to be creators for our creator. We don’t get our creativity by engaging in the world but rather by disengaging from it to intimately connect with the one who created us.

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Taking a look at the [HE]ART

Let's talk about this thing called the heart. What actually is it? Because honestly, it's a seriously overused word. The power of what the heart is capable of is lost in the madness of this world.

We get excited about something, and we talk about our hearts. But then something new comes along, and our hearts are pulled in a different direction. The other thing isn't that fun anymore, it's taking actual work and time and this new thing is shiny and, oh! That giddy feeling? I'm pretty sure that is passion.....right?

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6 Essential Tools for Hand-Lettering | Tutorial by God's Finger Prints

Getting into hand-lettering can be intimidating. Where do I start? What tools do I need? How do I start making awesome-looking letters?? Although you can hand letter with any old pencil and eraser, it helps to have a good set of tools, and the great thing about hand lettering is that the basic tools are very simple and easy to find! Here’s a simple introduction to 6 essential tools to help you get started.

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