Spring Fashion Tips: Can You Wear Boots in the Spring?

There’s a misconception that boots can only work for fall or winter, but that’s not true! When styled correctly, your boots can look cute in all seasons. So can boots work for spring? Short answer… YES! Yes, you can wear your boots for spring and here’s how:

1. Boots styled with striped skirt, tee, and jacket

The easiest way to wear boots in spring is to wear them with a sundress, skirt, shorts, or anything equally “short”. That’s why all these examples, starting with this one, showcase boots worn with shorter bottoms. It keeps your outfit balanced and from looking to wintery!

TIP: Add a bright, colored necklace to make your outfit even more appropriate for spring.

2. Boots with print shorts and blush blazer

Since boots are usually black or brown and are often taken as a winter item, offset that misconception by pairing your boots with bright, light colors!

TIP: The color blush not only looks great with black, but is so on trend for spring!

3. Boots with black dress and pendant necklace

Chambray shirts are wonderful because they can be worn year round and it looks good with almost every outfit. Wearing a chambray shirt with this dress makes the outfit more casual and the blue tone really breaks up the black.

TIP: Keep the chambray shirt open for a breezy, casual look.

Hope these ideas helped, especially if you love your booties and aren’t ready to pack them away quite yet!


Spring Fashion Tips: Can You Wear Boots in the Spring?

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