2017: Why We Need More Discipline, Less Scrolling

2017: Why We Need More Discipline, Less Scrolling

The year 2017 is here and like many of you, I’m making my list of New Year’s Goals. One of those goals being to spend LESS time on social media. But HOW ON EARTH am I supposed to stay connected to people?! How am I supposed to stay up to date on the latest trends?! How am I supposed to market my business?! Everything in moderation, right? Simply, (or not-so-simply in my case) it comes down to more discipline, which is something I’ve been lacking in my life lately.

Why is discipline SO easy when it comes to brushing our teeth, but not when it comes to reading our Bible?? Because we’ve been conditioned to know that if we don’t brush our teeth, they rot. Isn’t our soul that much MORE important?

Does our soul not rot if we aren’t feeding it with the Word?

With that being said, one of my goals this new year is less scrolling. I need to spend less time numbingly and mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. As much as I make excuses for it, I’m struck with the reality of how it leaves me feeling: less than, not enough, and missing the mark. I feel as if I don’t have what it takes.

“Our house doesn’t look like that. My marriage doesn’t look like theirs. My wardrobe is seriously lacking.”

Ugh! Why do I do this to myself? And on a daily basis! This has to stop. This isn’t the “life in abundance” Christ has called me to (John 10:10). It’s quite the opposite!

Fullness in God's Word Not Social Media

Life at its FULLEST only comes from God’s Word which is ALIVE and ACTIVE (Hebrews 4:12)!

What if, instead of Social Media, we scrolled through the feed of God’s Word? What if we allow each page to fill us with truth and identity instead of striving and comparison? For God’s Word never leaves us feeling depleted but EMPOWERED!

What if we were actually content with what we had? What if we looked in the mirror and saw what God sees? If we let our inspiration come from the God-breath inside of us and embraced and owned our unique gifts and talents?

Truly, there’s no competition in the Kingdom of God. We are ALL fearfully and wonderfully made. We are loved uniquely and set apart for a GREAT work! So let’s embrace this EMPOWERED life TOGETHER this new year! Not through the lens of social media, popular culture, or what’s trending, but through the lens of God’s Word!

Less time scrolling, more time feeding on TRUE LIFE.


Caryn is a singer/songwriter and performing artist from Vancouver, WA. She also travels as an itinerant Worship Leader. Caryn is a Big Sister in Delight who loves encouraging and empowering young women to live out the call of God on their life! You can email her at: caryn.jamieson@gmail.com. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram, and check out her Music.