Raising Funds with Our Brand New Delight Sessions!

Last week, as 50+ women came together at the East Coast Delight Retreat, we witnessed something incredible. Girls struggling with self-image, identity, confidence, and career direction poured out their hearts and hurts in a community where the power and healing of Jesus permeated.

Delight & Be - this community that we have all come to know and love - is in the business of changing lives, renewing hope, and encouraging bold faith. It is not in the business of making money, and nor will it ever be.

Delight is a 501c3 non-profit organization that is built on intentionally growing a healthy community of young creative women with extraordinary talents. The foundation of Delight is built on YOUR generous donations. My dream for Delight is to see every girl in this community access the necessary resources to experience a workshop or retreat.

Introducing: Delight Sessions

Because God has blessed us all with talents, we wanted to announce a new concept of support for this incredible ministry. Now introducing, “Delight Sessions,” an opportunity for creatives to donate their talents to further the reach of the Delight organization.

So how does this all work, you might ask?


Book a shoot or sell your art/service and donate those funds to Delight! Girls may choose to use other talents to raise their support (ie. baking, babysitting, etc). We want to encourage you to give back using the talents that God gave you and the person who raises the most funds will win their seat at the next retreat! 


Email us at info@delightandbe.com to be added to our special Facebook group just for Delight Sessions! Make a mini campaign for yourself that you send to friends, family and clients or simply use the graphic we created for you to advertise how YOU are giving back to this awesome non-profit! (We have even created a “How-to-Donate” 1-sheeter than you can hand to your clients when it is time to pay for the session).


Book your session and donate funds by November 30th, 2016.


To raise support to further the reach of the Delight Community that we all love so much! To make retreats and intensives an achievable goal for all who desire to attend (regardless of financial situations)


How This Can Help YOU, Too!

But wait, THERE IS MORE! By donating your talents, you will have a chance to win a spot at the next Delight Retreat.

The girl who raises the most funds with their Delight Sessions will win a fully funded spot at an upcoming Delight & Be Workshop or Retreat.

Contest Rules: To participate in the contest, all donations must be received by Nov 30th. The more talents/session that you book/perform, the better chance you will have to win the GRAND PRIZE!

Will you join us in our Delight Sessions? By donating your time and talent, you have the ability to impact a girl’s life!  Will you pledge your talents to further the mission of this life-changing ministry?