How to Cultivate Inspiration as an Entrepreneur

How to Cultivate Inspiration as an Entrepreneur | Delight & Be Blog

As an artist or entrepreneur, people often expect you to be bursting with creative and innovative ideas. Sometimes you will be a fount of creativity, but at some point in our lives, we will reach a point where thinking of a creative idea or being inspired seems impossible. Here are a few helpful ways that can help you move beyond your creativity block and cultivate inspiration in your life.

Go Online

Through the Internet, we have the ability to be inspired by others’ work with just a simple click. The Internet is an incredible source of inspiration. Websites like Pinterest and Behance are a great place to find ideas from other creative individuals. Nonetheless, make sure that you do not fall into the trap of copying another individual’s work or comparing yourself to someone else. 

Talk to God

This is probably the most overlooked, yet most important tip for finding inspiration. As believers, we should run to the Lord first, since He is the author of all creativity, before we go to anyone or anywhere else. If He can create the entire universe, He is certainly able to give you insight and creativity.

Take a Break

I think one of the biggest downfalls of being an artist and entrepreneur is that we want to work all the time and never take a break. However, overworking ourselves actually hinders creativity. Instead of hitting your head against the wall over and over and trying to get a fresh idea or inspiration, simply step back and take a break.


Go somewhere that inspires you and takes you away from your normal everyday environment. For me, this means watching a sunset, hiking a mountain, or driving through the country. For you, this may mean going to the city or going to a coffee shop. If that is the case, go wherever inspires you.

Check Your Sources

As mentioned before, the Internet and social media are great ways to be connected to other creatives and be inspired by their work. However, sometimes the places we go for inspiration are the very places that causes us to be uninspired. Maybe for you right now, social media is more of a hindrance to you because of all of the time you spend on it. Or maybe it is harmful to you because you are comparing yourself and your work to others. Be diligent to constantly check your sources of inspiration. If need be, permanently or temporarily cut out those sources that discourage your creativity in order to encourage and cultivate creativity in your life.

Be Patient

In the end, know that a good idea can take time. Sometimes the process of finding inspiration is instant and spontaneous, while other times it can be slow and agonizing. No matter how long it takes, stick it out. Be patient in the process, and I promise you will reap your reward.


How to Cultivate Inspiration as an Entrepreneur | Delight & Be Blog



Ana Campbell is a social media and public relations professional living in North Carolina. She is a creative at heart, Liberty University graduate, and lover of all things striped. She is passionate about helping other creatives create successful businesses through marketing and social media and encouraging others in their God-given callings.Website: @_anapetra Instagram: @_anapetra

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