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Serving God When You Don't Believe

I still basically struggle to believe in God on a daily basis. There is a good chunk of me that is caught in the lie that says I’m crazy to believe in God, Heaven, sin, and eternity despite all the evidence. This makes treasuring God really hard sometimes. As an author once wrote of the Devil, “... so he not only speaks what is false. He hides what is true. He keeps us from seeing the treasure of the gospel. He lets us see facts, even proofs, but not preciousness.”

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Drawing Near To The Heart of God

I had almost missed it. Almost missed the beat of His heart. But there it was, on the page, jumping out from the black-and-white squares with faces in each one. We sat in a circle, praying for each high school student in the yearbook. Praying for them, their daily lives, what they encounter in the halls of the school. Praying that ultimately, God would reveal Himself to them.

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When You Find Your Why, You Find Your Way

What does serving mean to you? Is serving doing things in the limelight so people notice you? Or is it doing the little things that you may never get recognition from? Do you clean the bathroom just when people are around to notice? Or do you change the toilet paper in the stall while no one can see you? I believe having the heart of serving is more than just serving other people. It is living in an obedience of service. Before we tackle what serving means to us, I believe we should tackle who we are serving for. The Bible says that we shouldn’t serve two masters.

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Serving From a Thankful [He]art

It is no coincidence that this theme has landed on the month of November. A month that is focused on giving thanks and generosity to those around us.

In order for us to understand a true and pure heart of service we must look to none other than the cross. You see the greatest example of a serving heart that this world will ever know, was done from a heart of sacrifice.

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