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Be The Girl Who Seeks Wisdom | By: Heather Craven

Growing up, my mom used to read a story about a king and his kingdom, complete with a princess and three daring young knights all hoping to win the fair maiden’s hand in marriage. One day, the prince challenged the brave knights to a quest that would reveal to his father the king, which of them was worthy of his sister's hand. The first knight was known for his strength, another for his swiftness, and the third for his wisdom.

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Cultivating the Secret Place

I think the best place to start when talking about the secret place is Jesus while He was on the earth. If Jesus had his own secret place, shouldn’t we? “Jesus went out as usual to the Mount of Olives, and his disciples followed him.” ― Luke 22:39 What I love about this verse is that Luke mentions that going to the Mount of Olives was Jesus’ usual thing to do. So often throughout the gospels it is mentioned that Jesus would leave to go pray, and we should follow that example. Which is why Jesus also gave us instruction on how to pray, giving us promises through seeking Him. Through seeking God in the secret place, we find deliverance and rest.

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Going To War With the Devil

Satan is out to destroy us. “Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” 1 Peter 5:8

Nothing gives him greater pleasure than feeding the small doubts and lies in the back of our hearts and minds. We have to actively and purposefully fight against him.

How do we fight this war?

We fight with truth.

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When You Don't Know Where You're Headed

There are moments that I don't know why I am where I am. I don’t know why I’m at this school so far from my family, taking classes that often feel irrelevant; working towards a major I’m no longer certain of and a future I don’t know how to bring into existence.

Moment by moment I have to remind myself: this is where God wants me. I whisper it to myself over and over as I feel the anxiety rising, the demands of the future, the uncertainty in the present: Abba is good and He loves me. Abba is good and He knows what I need.

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Jesus Won't 'Like' Your Instagram Photo - What You're Really Doing When You Hashtag Your Bible Study

Christianity Isn’t  'Insta Pretty.'

Picture this: A group of young women meet up for a Bible study. Upon arrival, each of them orders their caffeinated beverage of choice (in a mug, of course) as they scope out the coffee shop for the best table (near natural lighting, naturally).

Once their Bibles, journaling Bibles and coffee mugs have been appropriately styled, they spend a few moments capturing the scene (on their iPhones, of course). They each craft a witty but religious caption, edit their photo with a few swipes of their fingers, and include a few trendy hashtags to their post about community.

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When God Brings You to the Mountain

I used to think that the Lord kept me away from high mountain tops out of fear. I figured He thought that I would love the view more than I loved Him. I would get half way up and think, "I've made it this far, but I can't keep going. I'm too weak. I don't have the strength, so God must not want me here." I felt a small nudge forward, but ignored it like the breeze. I would trek back down into the valleys, wondering what would happen if I had made it to the top. I did this time and time again, losing any energy I had climbing to the halfway mark between heaven and earth.

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Say Goodbye to the Goose | Lesson In Self Absorbency

One of the consequences of living in the rural Midwest is the unmistakable backyard menace – the Canadian goose. My goodness, my desire for all animals to love me does not apply to this horrid creature. Geese are such strange things. They waddle their way into every free area, and set up camp. Not only do they set up camp, but they will defend it at all costs. When I say defend it, I mean freak out about any organism within a 10 yard radius. From a distance, it’s hilarious! When it’s right in front of you… it’s horrendous.

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