Taking a look at the [HE]ART

Taking a look at the [HE]ART | Delight & Be Blog

Let's talk about this thing called the heart. What actually is it? Because honestly, it's a seriously overused word. The power of what the heart is capable of is lost in the madness of this world.

We get excited about something, and we talk about our hearts. But then something new comes along, and our hearts are pulled in a different direction. The other thing isn't that fun anymore, it's taking actual work and time and this new thing is shiny and, oh! That giddy feeling? I'm pretty sure that is passion.....right?


Really, we are getting distracted. Each new thing keeps us from taking the time to see where our hearts are truly engaged. We think we are following God's will. But no matter how wholesome and good (or perhaps not) these things are, most of the time, these things are not fulfilling. They are something that pulls our attention away from a deep and sure calling.

to know and be known

Are you a branch that extends from your Maker? Are you part of this wild and tangled piece of a tree that stretches out for generations? This unique tree whose roots go so deep they reach the beginning of it all, who has been beaten and chopped at, weathered every kind of crazy storm out there, had periods of drought and fullness and growth and pruning....are you connected to it? This tree? It is your species, it is your kind. You should look like the tree, your heart is a reflection of Christ. You extend from it...but if someone looked at you, would they know? Is the fruit you are producing life-giving?

As creatives, we have a tendency to want to chase after things. We are a passionate people with strong emotions and drive and we have a lot of idealism and hope in us. We have vision, and the possibilities of what could be excites us.

But when we pursue these seemingly GOOD things, we have to be careful not to automatically assume they are from our GOOD FATHER.

When we create, we imitate Him. But what happens when our hearts are not aligned with His? Is it still glorifying to Him? Is it worship of Him? 

Or is it worship of myself?

It's easy to fake it, to make it look like God is at the center all the while really feeling as though He is a million gazillion miles away. And trust me, I am a firm believer in fake it till you make it. I do think that sometimes we have to obediently go through the motions of something before we truly believe and understand it.

[HE]ART from Delight & Be

But what I don't want to see is this group of girls who are surface deep lovers of God. Instead, I want to see this group of over one thousand young women from all over the world be a force so strong and deeply rooted and so incredibly, passionately in LOVE with Jesus that they cannot be stopped. I want to see you change your community. I want to see you pursuing relationships even if you've been hurt before. I want to see you taking the risk of being a part of a redeemed body of broken believers who want to want to love, but are so so afraid. I want to see a cities shining brightly on a thousand hills.

Delight is full of girls who have experienced the life-changing power and love of the Father. What has to come next is an outpouring of that love. I want to see zeal and crazy bold faith, huge ideas and dreams and trust that does not make any sense. And I want to see girls who know how to sit in stillness and hear God's voice, and who are so excited about what He is doing that they can't help but teach what they know to others.

All of this ^^^^^^ is about you, and it's about your heart.

It is in the still times, the quiet, the secret place where you take the time to meet with God that you will find riches and wisdom beyond your wildest imagination. You will learn to recognize God's voice in the crazy when you take the time to listen to Him singing over you in the quiet.

Delight exists to walk alongside you. To provide tools, guidance and advice, mentors, and real life wisdom in the face of a lot of dark and scary life stuff. We cherish the arts because creatively expressing ourselves is worship, and worship is our mission in life. But art is the outward expression of what is going on inside. Art is the culmination of ideas and creativity and energy that bubbles out of a mind and heart that are actively engaged in worshipping Jesus every day.

If God isn't an integral part of everything you create, then what are you really worshipping? What is the point of what you are doing? To succeed? Because you are competitive and need to be better than those around you? Or is it to release the glory of the Son, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the kingdom of God right where you are?

We have a choice, and this month, we ask you to take some time and evaluate where is your heart is. Is HE the central piece of who you are? Is HE the motivation behind all you do?

This is our theme for 2018. Walk with us as we learn to lean and listen, to see and do in new ways, and to pursue with passion and increasing faith the plans He has for us. Read the verse below every day. Meditate on it, and memorize it this month. Ask the Lord to speak to you through it. 

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. (Matthew 6:21)

And for this month's freebie, we've got some awesome lock screens designed by Moriah Nelson & Carina Lieberman. Use these to help remind you to stay in a place of awareness and pursuit. DOWNLOAD HERE.