Our 3rd Annual Summer Workshop: Be Disciplined

Summer is almost here, which means we're ready to announce our beloved summer workshop! This year will be an intimate and powerful few days at the Delight House covering a convicting topic that will surely call your heart to deeper places.

Be Disciplined: Summer 2017 Workshop

For the third year in a row, we are continuing our Delight & [Be] Workshop series. In 2015, we held [Be] Brave; in 2016, we learned to [Be] Still and this summer we will diving deep into the meaning of Biblical discipline.


It's not a word that sounds appealing. It might even make you groan and feel a little squirmy. But it is something that most of us need more of in our lives. Discipline is so hard. And yet, how wonderful is it that this thing (which itself seems so unappealing) is one of our strongest allies in fighting sin, clinging to God, and resisting the Devil? Maybe it is our hearts toward the topic that shows just how desperately we need to be challenged in it. The reality is that it takes discipline to rip up the weeds in our life in order to truly be fruitful.

Discipline does not always feel good. But as young women of God, do we go after what is comfortable, or do we go after Christ?

The fruits that come from disciplined labor is sweet to our Heavenly Father. "Discipline" no longer has to be a scary or strong word. Instilling it in your daily life can have a new meaning for you that ultimately brings you freedom and endurance in Christ.

So during our time together in July, our leaders Callie Lindsey, Melanie Castaneda and Kristin Wall will be sharing about what it means to lead a Biblically disciplined life. It doesn’t mean we have it all figured out. But we do understand the beauty of the fruit of the spirit “self-control" and what it means to be disciplined.


At the Workshop:

Our mornings will be filled with worship, quiet time and sessions. In the afternoons we will challenge our creativity with photography, watercolor, hand-lettering, songwriting, and more. And finally, we will wrap up our evenings with intimate worship and sharing from our leaders.

The best part of these workshops is our time getting to know each other hearts. A time of bonding, growing and learning together. Because of the intimate setting of just seven girls and three leaders, we have the ability to really dig in deep. The [Be] Workshops have quickly become the favorite part of the year at the Delight House.

       "My favorite things about workshops is its level of intimacy. We are able to connect one on one with each other either by sitting around the fireplace in blankets, staying up past dusk, and eating every meal together. No matter what we’re doing we’re building relationships, reaffirming God’s promises, and seeking to know the heart of God. We are all from different backgrounds and lifestyles. But for those few days we realize how connected we are and the vital link that we share.

     When we leave, it’s impossible to leave the same. After being changed and encouraged in the way that we were, it’s only natural that we come back home radiating joy. When we go home, we carry one another close to our hearts. We continue to build those relationships as we do life together from afar. Life can be so ruthless sometimes, but in this time of centering ourselves and loving those around us, we find our calling, we find our bravery, and we find delight."   -Courtney



***Registration opens soon! Thus, we encourage you to talk to your family, spend time in prayer, and truly consider if this is somewhere you need to be. If you are on the fence or have more questions, send us a message. We would love to connect with you!

XOXO, Delight & Be