Adulting 101: 5 Steps to Your Goal-Getting Wardrobe

We live in a society that makes snap judgements based on first impressions. Sad, but true. As a result, it’s imperative that the snap judgement people might make about you is a good one. Even beyond your awesome personality, kind smile, fun talent, and gorgeous heart, people will first and foremost see your outfit! How could they not - it’s right there! And with great adulting comes great responsibility - specifically in your wardrobe. *wink wink*

"I've heard that I need to "dress to impress," but I honestly don't even know where to begin with that. Especially since I love my yoga pants so much! What do I do?" -Anony[miss]

Bumming simply won’t cut it when chasing those dreams of yours. Imagine the opportunities that could arise literally anywhere. Your big shot could be right around the corner and getting that opportunity might start with looking the part. I’m even willing to guess the “part” you want doesn’t involve dressing less than your best!

Unfortunately, ladies, there comes a day when we all have to say our fateful goodbyes to dressing down, and that day? It has come. The amazing things you’re going to accomplish is far too great for a disheveled look. It’s time to invest in a look as great as the dreams you have!


But I’m not unreasonable, I get it! How does one find their new adult style? Look no further. Five tips to finding your adult wardrobe comin’ atcha:

  1. “Does this piece of clothing match where I want to be in sixth months?”

Think about where you’d like to be in six months to a year. Maybe in a new job? The head of a club on campus? More confident in class? When cleaning out your closet, take the time to look at every single piece and consider, “Does this piece of clothing match where I want to be in sixth months?” If yes, keep it! If no, toss it immediately. You could probably use the closet space anyways!

  1. Lounge No Further

After you’ve considered where you’re going and have cleaned out your closet accordingly, take a look at the remaining clothes. How many “lounge” clothes did you keep? Within that pile, narrow it down - a lot. Personally, I only keep one pair of sweatpants and two pairs of leggings (and only because they are really great quality and style). Of course, different professions will have different needs. For example, a professional trainer will use different amounts of athletic wear than, say, a marketing assistant! Your athletic wardrobe should only reflect how often you hit the gym. Don’t get me wrong, sweatpants feel fantastic, I know, but your future self will be glad you dressed up instead!

  1. Ill-Fitting, It’s Time to Go

Next, remove any clothing that is ill-fitting. This is a hard one for me, too, because dang, do I love those XL t-shirts on my size 3 frame! A piece too small could send the wrong message. A piece too big could come across as frumpy! Any article you’re concerned about should be tried on before keeping, just in case. After you try it on, look at yourself in the clothing again with the thought, “Does this piece of clothing match where I want to be in sixth months?” Follow the process listed in step one to narrow down these pieces once again!

  1. The Best Part: Refilling That Closet

After donating or selling your clothing that didn’t quite make the cut, it’s time for a shopping spree to refill that closet. When shopping, think back again to that goal of yourself in six months. While scanning every piece and possible purchase, be sure to run that item through your filter: Does it fit me? Is it “bumming?” Does this represent six-months-from-now me? If it all checks out, consider making the purchase!

  1. The 5/7 Rule

You’re finally ready to start looking the part. Follow the “5/7 Rule.” Look “nice” at least 5 of the 7 days in a week. If there’s an extra hard exam one day or those leggings are really calling your name, there’s no guilt in dressing down for a change. Look put together as often as you can. Even if it takes 30 minutes of sleep loss. Even if it takes a tad extra planning the night before. You’ve just spent all this time on becoming who you want to be in six months. So, start being that girl! If that in-six-months girl wears a little extra blush every day, do it! If that she’s-my-goal girl does her hair daily, do that. Get up, grab your nice outfit, make an appearance and wow them with your new and improved style!

Look out future, here you come. Follow these five simple steps and watch as you become more confident and collected throughout your day. You’ll be chasing opportunities left and right in no time!

Thanks to our Delight & Be™ Guest Author: Kendall Steinmetz from Chasing Modesty Style Blog

Images by Carolyn at My Chic Obsession

Adulting 101: 5 Steps to Your Goal-Getting Wardrobe