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4 Ways to choose your words wisely.

I think we’ve gotten careless, friend. I mean, we just talk and talk and talk. We send memes and gifs with others’ words because they seem relevant, they make fun of life, and we value the ability to be funny in a sarcastic way. If you listen to how those around you speak, you’ll start to hear things that come up a lot, and these things reveal so much about what’s going on underneath all of the humor, the comment crafting, the culture we wear like a second skin.

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How doing this ONE thing everyday can drastically change your life.

This is a really tough topic. We think we can see the choices in front of us, but if you really start to analyze a day in your life and take a moment to think about all that you do, you’ll see that you make choices all of the time without thinking.

A lot the choices that we make without thinking are the choices that come from the reality we live in and the mindset we have. It’s a very tenative, fragile thing. Everyone has a different worldview, a different mindset, a different reality.

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Seeing Beyond

Beyond your fear, doubt, and pain there is something you can’t see. Something greater, something hopeful, and something bigger than you could imagine. If you could see this, you wouldn’t feel trapped by your circumstances, suffocated with anxiety, nor worried about the future. Because what you see, isn’t what God sees.

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With My Whole Heart

When you devote yourself to the Lord with your whole heart, He can make your heart whole. Jesus doesn’t just command us to devote our whole hearts to Him for Himself. He wants our whole hearts because He desires more than anything to make us whole. He desires for us to live a life in which we are whole in Him and completely found in Him. Secure in His never-ending, never failing, everlasting L O V E.

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Beating the blues

I want to talk about something because I think we need to. And usually, as believers, we don’t. We think we need to have it all together, hiding behind a mask that says everything is fine on the outside, all the while reeling from a dark aching pain in our hearts.  It's common in evangelical circles to think we need to hide our feelings. Hide the sadness, hide the hurt, and hide the depression that is weighing our souls down.  We listen to the lies- it's shameful, it's weakness, it’s selfish. We put on that “happy face” and pretend we can conquer the world, all the while feeling like we want to crawl in a hole by ourselves and cry. Ultimately, we can often find ourselves in places of doubt, protest, abandonment, and despair.

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The [HE]art of devotion.

"Let your heart therefore be wholly devoted to the LORD our God, to walk in His statutes and to keep His commandments, as at this day." (1 Kings 8:61) Are you wholly devoted to God? Do you walk in His ways, obedient and loyal to Him day after day? Kind of seems overwhelming. So let’s break this down. There are two words we are going to pay close attention to. The word wholly and the word devoted.

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The Heart Behind Your Art

We talk about our hearts a lot.

With good reason, sure. We want to know what the heart behind an agenda is. We want to know what motivates and drives each other. It's another way of asking WHY. What is your why? Why are you doing that job? Why do you love creative ventures? Why aren't you more like me? Why is she like that?

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Creators for the Creator

If you sing, dance, do photography, graphic design, or culinary arts, you are automatically a creator! However, as women of God we are called to be different than other creators in today’s society. We are called to be creators for our creator. We don’t get our creativity by engaging in the world but rather by disengaging from it to intimately connect with the one who created us.

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The Maker of the Makers

Where does your art come from?

You see yourself as a creative. Seeing an amazing photograph or really slick web design excites you. It gets your creative juices flowing, and soon the brainstorm has begun and you can't stop the downpour.

Maybe you are a writer, a designer, or a baker. Maybe you have a somewhat mundane job, but finding ways to be creative and different gives you a little thrill inside.

What is that feeling, anyway? It's almost tangible, you can just about taste it. It feels so strong and real, but somehow nameless at the same time.

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Taking a look at the [HE]ART

Let's talk about this thing called the heart. What actually is it? Because honestly, it's a seriously overused word. The power of what the heart is capable of is lost in the madness of this world.

We get excited about something, and we talk about our hearts. But then something new comes along, and our hearts are pulled in a different direction. The other thing isn't that fun anymore, it's taking actual work and time and this new thing is shiny and, oh! That giddy feeling? I'm pretty sure that is passion.....right?

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