Serving From a Thankful [He]art

It is no coincidence that this theme has landed on the month of November. A month that is focused on giving thanks and generosity to those around us.

In order for us to understand a true and pure heart of service we must look to none other than the cross. You see the greatest example of a serving heart that this world will ever know, was done from a heart of sacrifice.

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Surrender Comes From a Heart of Sacrifice

I have been there. I have been on my knees, pleading for God to take it all away. I have been in the car, radio turned off and tears streaming down my face. I have been laying in my bed, fighting to fall asleep and unable to breathe the heavy weight off my chest. I have been walking down the sidewalk, looking around and silently wondering where God is. We have all been there. We have all wondered at one time or another why surrender is so hard, difficult, and emotional. We have all thought about the freedom on the other side, but fell short because we did not know how to get there. Maybe we didn’t even want to get there. We are comfortable in our fear and restoration is a far away dream.

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When You Never Feel Like Enough

Have you ever wanted to do something but you let insecurity or fear get in the way?

I grew up loving to write.  I loved to imagine traveling to exotic places- destinations like Hawaii, China, and the local mall.  I started writing love stories when I started seriously falling in love – you know, around the age of ten.  I won some awards in grade school that earned me some recognition and a free meal at McDonalds one year.  I designed and created my own magazine and was delighted over my sole subscriber- my grandma.  I was going to be a published author one day- I just knew it.

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Join the Delight & Be Team | Positions Available!

We’re growing the Delight & Be team! There are several positions available, but we want to share our the heart first. Delight & Be is a nonprofit which exists to equip teen girls 16-22. We purpose to be intentional about discipling young women and encouraging them to pursue the calling that God has placed on their hearts. We strive to express the Father’s creativity though the gifts and talents that He has given us and foster community.

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The [Be] Content Workshop Favorite Moments

October is here, and we couldn't be more excited! Coffee shops are serving up all of our fall favorites, the Delight and Be Magazine will be available for pre-oder soon, and we're taking any opportunity we get to break in all the cozy Target sweaters! But before we Fall into the next month, we wanted to give you an inside look at the Be Content workshop that took place last week. Here's what some of our attendees had to say about it.

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Hearing Clearly Amid The Noise

Have you ever been in a situation where you just didn’t know where to turn for an answer or comfort?  Have you ever been in this situation and in some form had this verse thrown at you? So you close yourself in your room to attempt this “simple” solution to your problem. You sit down and begin to try and quiet yourself… The laundry needs to be done. "Shhh! I’m trying to be still!"

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Tips + Tricks On How To Start Your Photography Business

Whether you have been photographing family and friends for years or you just picked up a camera last week, deciding to pursue a photography business is an exciting step! As fun as it can be, you might feel stuck on where to start and how to grow as quickly as you can so you can become a professional. I definitely remember when I first stepped into the world of photography and how far behind I felt in pretty much every way. But I started researching and practicing and now I have my heart in my photography and wedding coordinating business called Expedition Joy! I’d love to share about my journey in hopes that this could help you get your business launched!

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The Art of Listening

t seems like not so long ago the snow was falling heavy. Blanketing the earth under heaviness, I took a walk in nature just to hear from God. I needed His voice. I needed relief from a season that was starting to feel heavy. All I wanted was spring, something new around the corner. 

But what I really needed was not a new season – it is never about the season. What I needed was God.

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When Radio Silence Brings Big Breakthroughs

Having the HE[art] of listening is more than just being able to listen when you’re friends come to you in a time of need. It’s realizing that if you’ve prayed for a bunch of things to be done, you’ve gotta get with God in a distraction free zone and allow Him to reply to you.

I always thought “God just doesn’t speak to me..” but then I realized I hadn’t been quiet enough for Him to get one word across.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Suffering

I’ve always been a fan of suffering. Weird right? Not many people would say that, but I believe there is so much power in suffering. There is so much power when we realize that we are going through something that in the moment may seem life ending, but it's really just setting us up for our destiny. When I was younger, I went through a lot of suffering.

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Made-up Identity | What Is True Beauty?

SO much in our lives is identity based. We determine who we are based on any number of things - the clothes we wear, the makeup on our faces, the friends we have, where we live, what we do, and even sometimes our relationship statuses. But what if we did something different? What if we determined our identities - determined our WORTH - based on what the God of the universe says about us?

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