The Art of Listening

t seems like not so long ago the snow was falling heavy. Blanketing the earth under heaviness, I took a walk in nature just to hear from God. I needed His voice. I needed relief from a season that was starting to feel heavy. All I wanted was spring, something new around the corner. 

But what I really needed was not a new season – it is never about the season. What I needed was God.

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When Radio Silence Brings Big Breakthroughs

Having the HE[art] of listening is more than just being able to listen when you’re friends come to you in a time of need. It’s realizing that if you’ve prayed for a bunch of things to be done, you’ve gotta get with God in a distraction free zone and allow Him to reply to you.

I always thought “God just doesn’t speak to me..” but then I realized I hadn’t been quiet enough for Him to get one word across.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Suffering

I’ve always been a fan of suffering. Weird right? Not many people would say that, but I believe there is so much power in suffering. There is so much power when we realize that we are going through something that in the moment may seem life ending, but it's really just setting us up for our destiny. When I was younger, I went through a lot of suffering.

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Made-up Identity | What Is True Beauty?

SO much in our lives is identity based. We determine who we are based on any number of things - the clothes we wear, the makeup on our faces, the friends we have, where we live, what we do, and even sometimes our relationship statuses. But what if we did something different? What if we determined our identities - determined our WORTH - based on what the God of the universe says about us?

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Katie's Story | Culinary & [BE] Nourished Workshops

I stepped into the Delight House after a year full of hurt and loss, and my heart was still recovering from unexpected events and emotional roller coasters. A few weeks before the workshop, I felt God calling me to release my pain and bitterness to Him, but I had been slowly giving it away piece by piece. I felt like I could still control my life and get everything back in order so that I could please God with my life. Little did I know that God just wanted to hold me so that I could rest in His grace. It’s funny how sometimes God takes you all the way across the country just so that He can show you that He is truly all you need.

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Dinner & Delight | The Parlour Chapel, Chapel Hill, NC

Do you ever have those "pinch me" moments? Well, Dinner & Delight was one of those for me. As the car pulled up to the Chapel, I felt like i was picked up and put into a "Magnolia" Magazine. Stringed lights, greenery, long farm tables and white shiplap on old barns. It was like a scene from a movie. Although this was a beautiful sight, the girls I soon would meet would captivate my heart in a way this scene could not. There is something unmatchable that happens when women from different parts of the country come together in the name of love.

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Cultivating the Secret Place

I think the best place to start when talking about the secret place is Jesus while He was on the earth. If Jesus had his own secret place, shouldn’t we? “Jesus went out as usual to the Mount of Olives, and his disciples followed him.” ― Luke 22:39 What I love about this verse is that Luke mentions that going to the Mount of Olives was Jesus’ usual thing to do. So often throughout the gospels it is mentioned that Jesus would leave to go pray, and we should follow that example. Which is why Jesus also gave us instruction on how to pray, giving us promises through seeking Him. Through seeking God in the secret place, we find deliverance and rest.

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Rejoicing Regardless

Have you ever met those people who are just joyful? Nothing good has happened recently, no promotion, no achievements, and yet they’re still joyful. How much better would things be if we stopped looking at the severity of our situations like they’re the end of the world? What would it look like if we chose to be joyful no matter the circumstance? Instead of looking at a glass half empty, we look at if half full. This may seem super ridiculous, but I believe that we can be a generation that changes the trajectory of how our world is going. You always hear everyone say “choose joy.” It’s on shirts, coffee mugs, and journals, but what does choosing joy actually look like?

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The formula for a life full of joy

Ever wondered why some people just seem to have IT? That overflowing joy that carries them through the hardest of time? 

If you look to the word of God, you can find a lot of really great passages on rejoicing and joy and praising God. One of my favorites is this one below, because I believe God reveals a formula for life full of joy that everyone can and should live by.

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How to Relax Well this Summer

Oh, Summertime. Summer is supposed to be our savior from the sluggish tradition of school, right? You picture yourself glowing in the sun, wearing a swimsuit Audrey Hepburn would be proud to own. Your Instagram is littered with polaroid pictures of pineapples with a background of aqua waves. Perhaps Prince Harry comes splashing up out of the water to meet you! Then you vacation in Europe and spend your summer free of all work forever, Amen. Or not. Maybe your modest “swim gown” makes your grandma look flashy, your phone is an android, the neighborhood pool smells like pee, and Prince Harry is married. Maybe, you spent a whole morning stuck in traffic unable to reach your summer job. Maybe summer sucks!

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Why Guard Your Heart? | A [HE]art of Purity

If you break down the word heart in this verse, it's representing desires and affections. I believe that a person who is pure in heart is one who desires the things that Jesus desires and does things for Him not for what He can do in return, but for who He is. Where are your motives? Do my desires line up with His? Am I operating out of a heart that is striving to become like Him?  Why do you think God says above all, guard your heart? Because everything you do flows from it.

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Girl, Lose the Luggage

2,676.5 miles away from home, I find myself in the quaint, little Bavarian town of Leavenworth Washington. For this trip, for every trip, I pack literally everything. This includes and is not limited to make up, jewelry, clothes, shoes, hats, hair stuff, face products, those precious Young Living oils, your Bible you’ve had for over a decade, toiletries, a camera charger, retainers, you name it! Now, imagine getting to your final flight destination, going up to baggage claim and eagerly watching bag after bag come down the belt. Your bag must be last, right? It’s there, right? but it doesn’t ever come. The belt shuts off and the luggage-dropping port hole closes. You are immediately disheartened with an “oh no, this can’t be” stab in the gut kind of feeling.

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Creative Dates | Staying Creative This Summer

I know I’m not the only one when I say that inspiration can be hard to come by! I’m going to share about one of my favorite ways of finding inspiration: creative dates. Dates with other artists! I think we create some of our best work when we have someone to bounce ideas from, learn from, and grow with as a creative. Whether that means a writing challenge, trying a new recipe you made together, shooting the same subject, asking for perspective on a painting, or singing and playing instruments together, creating with another person can only grow your ability to create. 

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#TruthTalkThursday Episode | The Heart of Worship pt 2

If you're apart of our online Facebook community, you've probably seen #truthtalkthursday videos with Melanie in the group! She's a firecracker for speaking truth and we're so grateful to have her apart of our leadership and community. You can catch up with all her previous videos on youtube here and here's this week's episode! 

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From Anxiety to Freedom | Olivia's Story

It’s been a few weeks since I got back from the Delight Retreat and I still think about it every
day. It was one of the best experiences of my life, and I almost didn’t go. Not because I didn’t
think it would be fun, in fact, I thought it would be the trip of a lifetime. But, I struggle with an
anxiety disorder and the thought of flying across the country to spend the weekend with girls
I’d never met before was terrifying.

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New Video Episode | #truthtalkthursday

If you're apart of our online Facebook community, you've probably seen #truthtalkthursday videos with Melanie in the group! She's a firecracker for speaking truth and we're so grateful to have her apart of our leadership and community. You can catch up with all her previous videos on youtube here and here's this week's episode! 

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